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Turkey has been a developing country and India–Turkey relations refer to foreign relations between India and Turkey. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Turkey in 1948, political and bilateral relations have been usually characterized by warmth and cordiality. The country's official language is Turkish, which is spoken by 85.54 percent of the population a first language. 11.97 percent of the population speaks the Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish as mother tongue. Arabic and Zaza are the mother tongues of 2.39 percent of the population, and several other languages are the mother tongues of smaller parts of the population. More than 150 companies with Indian capital have registered businesses in Turkey in the form of joint-ventures, trade and representative offices. These include M/s Polyplex, GMR Infrastructure, TATA Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance and various others. Turkey ranks 41st overall in terms of FDI inflows to India. Cumulative Turkish direct investment into India amounts to US$ 87.18 million (April 2000–Apri2014). Relationship starts growing day by day and becoming bigger in volume and cross country migration. Here the requirement of Turkish Translator Services began with Lakshay Language Solution, taken lead in starting “Turkish Translation” and “Turkish Translation Services” in India.            

The bilateral trade relations started its new phase and both sides emphasized the importance of developing “Bilateral Cooperation Programmes”, with the aim to enhance their commercial relations on a mutually beneficial and sustainable basis. However, as the world’s second-most populous country, India’s progress in gaining importance in the global economy and international politics since the 1990s has led to Turkey’s quest to develop a new strategy for South Asia. Turkey has also begun to prioritize India in South Asian politics. It’s been long time dealing with turkey and we know how to emphasize the requirement of “Turkish Translation” for our own requirement and ease of use, with Lakshay Language Solution providing Turkish Translation in India.