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We are living in a multipolar society and developing relationship with all kinds of countries for Trade and business, whatever geographical location and size it may be. Countries have progressed and stand apart, being a global player. We have been dealing with small countries like: Maldives, Mauritius, Singapore and Nepal and on the other side: Russia, USA, Canada, Brazil and many others. You can see some of the countries are very small, but very powerful economically; and on the other side few countries are very big in size but not so developed due to its own genuine reasons. So, we can derive a conclusion that whatever may be the size of the country, the essence belongs to the technology and R&D developed by the country for its own national use and to sell its copyright to the other countries for the developmental process. Indian exports to Spain include organic chemicals, textiles and garments, iron and steel products, automotive components, marine products and leather goods. Indian imports consist largely of machines and mechanical appliances, vehicles and automobiles, plastic manufactures, electrical appliances, rubber and rubber products and olives/olive oil. Trade and business started with Spain and people migrating across the border for work, business, tourism, Medical Technology Transfer and various other functions. Language management services starts playing its role and “Spanish Translation” starts doing its work through Lakshay Language Solution providing “Spanish Translation in India”.

A total of around 200 Spanish companies have subsidiaries, joint ventures, projects or liaison offices and purchase offices in India. There are over 40 Indian companies in Spain, the most significant ones being in the areas of IT (TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, NIIT), Energy (Avantha, Suzlon), Automobiles (Mahindra) and Pharmaceuticals (Sun, Ranbaxy, Aurobindo, Dr Reddy´s, Vivimed). The stock of Indian investment in Spain is approximately US$800 million euros. This shows how strongly we are connected in the trade and industries. “Spanish Translation in India” doing great job and making our life easier and smoother in a better co working environment.