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We have been fighting with each other since a long time, and that era has passed by. Global Village has made an impact over the continents and we are much more closely connected with each other like never before. We have been creating various groups for trade and agreement between themselves and held a meeting once in a year at any chosen location by their authoritarian, at least. Several groups from all over Europe, America and Asia have formed and do meetings and many developmental program; for the growth of an underdeveloped and developing nations. The India-Germany strategic relationship is limited by the insignificance of German geopolitical influence in Asian affairs. Contrary to France and UK, Germany has no strategic footprint in Asia. As business grows and people migrate to each other’s country, they urgently required for a Language Management Services company, which takes care of all kinds of language and related problems and difficulties and provides solutions like: “German Interpreter” with “Lakshay Language Solution” having “German Interpreter in India”. Over the past decade, Indo-German trade grew in volume but dropped in importance. According to Indian Ministry of Commerce MX data: Total trade between India and Germany was $5.5billion (3.8% share of Indian trade and ranked 6) in 2004 and $21.6billion (2.6% share of Indian trade and ranked 9) in 2013.

Stiff competition between foreign manufactured goods within the Indian market has seen machine-tools, automotive parts and medical supplies from German Mittelstand ceding ground to high-technology imports manufactured by companies located in ASEAN & BRICS countries. Germany is India's largest trading partner in Europe. Germany is the 8th largest foreign direct investor (FDI) in India. Germany's FDI totaled about 5.2 billion USD during the period 2000-2012, constituting about 3% of total FDI to India. Indian investments in Germany have seen sharp increase in last few years. (Note: As a measure of comparison, Remittances to India by the Indian diaspora worldwide was US$70 billion in 2013-14).